What should one do in their 20s to avoid regrets in their 30s and 40s ????

1.Answer tough questions.


All of us want clean answers, so we accept everything that being passed down by our parents and teachers with a question. Why is money greater  than health?  How to have a great  marriage? what’s the reason of existence? Why Working 9 to 5 is Compulsory?  It is able to be too late while you discover the solutions from your dad and mom don’t be just right for you in your 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.

2.Practice self-awareness.


Spending huge quantity of time to understand your self—not by way of day-dreaming—by way of trial and mistakes, studying, getting to know from mentors, and operating on matters you adore (and belongings you hate). define your identification, know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can better position your self to your 30s and 40s.

3.Be patience.


You could have already got large goals now to your 20s, and it sucks to see others achieved their goals when you’re going nowhere. Don’t lose hope and be staying power, there are still opportunity ahead.

4.Put into the Action.


Want to be a writer? Write every day. Want to be a film-maker, film something. What to be an athlete? Train deliberately. This is not the time for you to fantasize about the results, this is the time to put in the work.

5.Master habits.


Motivation is puffed up, it fades. mental durability is overestimated, there are always times when we’re weak. Recognition is puffed up, we’re stressed to get distracted. They’re important, but what’s more Important is your habits. Spend your 20s to construct correct conduct (and ruin awful ones).

6.Buy assets,not liabilities.


Assets are what put money into your pocket,your massive residence isn’t an asset, your satisfactory automobile is not an asset, your luxurious holiday isn’t an asset. Spend your money and time on assets at some stage in your 20s. Invest in knowledge, education, businesses, paper assets, real estate so  that you have a better economic foundation while you’re in your 30s.

7.Nurture your network.


Your network is your net worth. Learn from people who are better than you, hang out with people who can lift you up. At the same time, contribute your expertise to people who need it and build an audience.


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